Thank you for deciding to hold your car wash FUN*RAISER at Suds Car Wash !

Your contributors will receive a high quality car wash while you conserve water and contain waste run-off by using our professional services. Many car wash fundraisers are held in parking lots where the waste water flows directly into the storm drain and out to our streams and lakes. We do our part to keep our waterways free from storm drain pollution.

Non-Profit Fund Raising Program

Who Qualifies?

  • Schools

  • PTA’s

  • Community Organizations

  • Churches

  • Local Service Clubs

  • Athletic Teams

  • Non-Profit Organizations

How to Get Started


Contact Lani Habrock to determine a date for your event:

Phone: (405) 598-SUDS (7837)



Reserve your opportunity to participate. Three weeks advanced notice is required.


Groups who have Fundraised with us:

Seminole Bobcats Girls Basketball team
The Ritz in Shawnee
Seminole Middle School Cheer
6 Nations Softball

Organizations We’ve Donated to:

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Junior Service League
Trooper Birch Auction
Knights Car Show
Mabee-Gerrer Museum

Shawnee/Seminole Suds has dedicated the 3rd Saturday morning of each month to help local groups raise money for their programs. FUN*RAISER events may run from 9:00 AM to Noon on these days.

We will work with you to develop a program to meet your fund raising needs. Listed below are various techniques we have used for past events.

  • Suds Carwash will provide a swipe cards loaded with $20 of carwash value. Your organization can retain $10 for each card sold. The cards may be pre-sold and redeemed at any time. You may also sell cards on the day of your carwash.
  • You may ask for additional donations at the FUN*RAISER event in place of or in addition to the $20 cards.
  • Lemonade or soft drinks and snacks may be sold on site.

Schedule your FUN*RAISER event to ensure a safe, fun and VERY profitable morning.

The Rules – Safety First

  • No horseplay allowed – We use high pressure equipment.
  • Wear non-slip shoes – Bare feet and flip flops are not allowed.
  • Adult supervision is necessary if minors are involved in the event. One adult is required for every five minors.
  • Only the customer is allowed to drive his or her car.
  • Signs holders are not allowed to stand in the street.

Your organization is responsible for the following:

  • Banners/signage/fliers etc.
  • Drying towels (you can’t have TOO many).
  • Additional cleaning supplies (window cleaner, paper towels etc.).
  • Food/drinks for your group.
  • SMILES – Washing cars is fun!

Tips To Make More $$$

  • Suds Car Wash will advertise your FUN*RAISER for several days prior to the event on our full-color LED sign.
  • Contact the local paper and radio stations with a press release to promote your event.
  • Put your group’s name and why you are raising money on fliers, posters, tickets, etc.
  • Get your team motivated by offering a prize for the most tickets sold or the most pledges!
  • Contact local businesses, churches, schools in your area to see if they have a public bulletin board that you could use to post information about your event.

Suds Car Washreserves the right in its sole discretion to determine the appropriateness of each FUN*RAISER event request.