Shawnee and Seminole Suds was built by Russ Tarpey and Jerry Opela.

They saw need for modern, high quality state of the art automatic car washing services in Shawnee and Seminole. They picked a popular location and got started. Seminole Suds opened in 2005 and Shawnee Suds began serving the community in February 2008, and was embraced with ever-growing support.

In July of 2010, long-time Shawnee resident Jay Scott Brown acquired Shawnee Suds and in July of 2014 acquired Seminole Suds from Tarpey and Opela. He spread the word about the advantages of professional, environmentally friendly car care services. His marketing expertise includes signage, website development, community relations, charity events and fleet services. He has been in the Commercial Real Estate business for 30 years including apartment ownership, brokerage and property management.

Shawnee and Seminole Suds is committed to providing technologically advanced, convenient and affordable car care services. Customer service and being a community partner are our most important value.

We know your daily travels can take its toll on a vehicle. This is why we’ve brought the best in car washing technology to Shawnee and Seminole Oklahoma.