Damage Claim

While the chances of damage incurring while in any Soapy Sam’s location is rare, at times it could happen. We have a damage claim form you can fill out to report damage to your vehicle.

Prior to filling out the form, please read the disclaimer below:


Except for the following:


Wiper Blades

Previous Damage

Non Factory Parts
or Modifications

Chrome or Molding

Damage due to driver error

Pontiac Mirrors


Lower Power or Remove Antennas

Remove Magnetic Signs, Balls or Flags from Antenna, Etc.

Remove Trailer Hitch

Truck Bed MUST be Empty and Clean

If you meet the criteria listed above for a damage claim, click here to print the damage claim form (PDF format), fill it out completely, and either bring it to one of our locations, or scan it and email it to info@shawneesuds.com.