Suds Unlimited Wash Mobile Phone Monthly Membership

Did you know for a little more than the price of about two washes, you can come in as often as you need to each month up to once a day? Who cares if it rains? We don’t and neither should you. Signing up for our wash membership is a great way to save money each month and always drive a clean vehicle, plus have the freedom to wash on your terms!




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What services do we offer?


Touchless Car Wash:

Be kind to your antennas, mirrors, wheel chair carriers, and other accessories with the Touchless car washing system.

Soft Touch Car Wash:

Gently remove caked-on dirt with the Soft Touch system. Fewer passes reduces your wash time and you may choose to add extra shine or extend your drying time.

Interior of your car:

Choose from over 30 vending items to freshen your vehicle’s interior. We offer towels, cleaning products, air fresheners and more in one convenient location.




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3223 N Kickapoo Ave
Shawnee, OK 74804

allSUDS Wash Club
–unlimited washes only available here
2 no touch bays
1 soft touch bay
All sites take washcards
All sites have vaccuums

1800 Boren blvd
Seminole ok 74868


only self-serve bays available here
All sites take washcards
All sites have vaccuums

2501 N Harvey
Seminole Ok 74868


soft touch and no touch automatic bays
self-serve bays available
washcard dispenser
vending machine
All sites take washcards
All sites have vaccuums

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This app provides customers of the Shawnee, OK trade area with quick and convenient access to our staff and services. From the app you can have questions answered, relay any concerns to the local Owner, buy gift cards, qualify for coupons, promote and support your favorite charity and access our Facebook community. Staying connected to you, our customers is the key to ensuring your satisfaction. By allowing push notifications you will be able to supercharge your washing experience with special discounts. Download this app now for free to make vehicle washing an easier and more enjoyable experience.